Witold śliwiński​

Glass Sculpture

”A Country of Opportunity in the Epoch of Self-Fulfilment “

Glass, creative material

As an artist, I became fascinated with glass, which became for me a creative material from which a glass sculpture was made.

“Glass is a strange substance. On the one hand, demanding, eager for focused attention and extensive knowledge. On the other hand, expressive and willing to change. “

Current exhibitions:
Open Exhibition 2019

12 – 23, 11, 2019
Exeter Castle
St, Exeter EX4 3PU
United Kingdom

Glass sculpture

Compositions from various materials

Glass sculptures in my work are not limited to glass. Years of work with various materials have allowed to enrich the sculpture with glass, wood and stone. It caused that the sculpture made of glass took on a new character.

Artistic achievements include:

  • the sculptures were made of metal
  • glass sculptures with wood
  • glass sculptures with stone

Sculpture gallery:

Virtual walk from the exhibition

Municipal Art Gallery in Częstochowa